Weather Exercise/Games

Windy Windmill Walk

Walk fast twirling arms like a windmill. Have the children hold pencils with thin strips of tissue taped to the end, like long flags. Can the windmills generate enough air movement to move the strips?

Tornado Twister

Set out soccer cones or beanbags. Have the children circle around like tornadoes. (Make sure everyone goes the same way.)

Cloudy Crawl

Find a big cardboard box. Lay it on the side with flaps making an opening. Cut an opening in the other end to allow children to crawl through. Decorate as a cloud with cotton batting, tissue paper or any other puffy, cloud-like material. Ask the children what it might be like to be in a cloud. Would it be cold? Would it be wet? Allow the children to crawl through the cloud. If it is outdoors, and a warm day, you might add misters to simulate moisture.

Puddle Jumping

On a rainy day, get dressed warmly and jump in some puddles.

If you don’t have any real puddles, make some pretend puddles out of hoops or circles of rope to jump into and out of. Make up some games or chants. For example, the Mother Goose Rhyme:

Rain on the green grass,

Rain on the tree,

Rain on the housetop,

But not on me!

Fly a Kite

Make or obtain a simple kite and fly it. It’s great fun, exercise and you can learn about air movement and wind, too.

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